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Error: Could not connect to the endpoint URL while deploying Tutorial Model

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Hello Experts,

I am new to AI Core and followed the Tutorial Series to get to know the environment. (Make Predictions for House Prices with SAP AI Core | SAP Tutorials)

Unfortunately I've encountered an error I am unable to resolve. In the last steps of the Tutorial, while trying to deploy the model on a server, the error "Could not connect to the endpoint URL" appears.

I would be very grateful for your assistance.

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For further information: I meticulously followed every step of the Tutorial Series, i didn't change the code from the tutorial except the placeholders that were required to be replaced and the generated model is stored in my S3 Bucket. The Connection to the Bucket is stored in the Launchpad as is the connection to the GitHub. For further information feel free to ask!


Tutorial says

endpoint = "", # Change this


It should be:

endpoint = "", # `s3-` changed to `s3.`




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@Gianfranco-salomone : Thank you. Your solution works, I was able to proceed. 
@MichOnSAP : If you are still struggling, I suggest take a look at this solution.

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Hello RjainCap,

Good question,
Yes , Below is a sample listing view of runs and one model.

Thank you ,

aws s3 ls s3://hello-aicore-data/example-dataset/house-price-toy/
PRE data/
PRE model/

aws s3 ls s3://hello-aicore-data/example-dataset/house-price-toy/model
PRE model/

aws s3 ls s3://hello-aicore-data/example-dataset/house-price-toy/model/
PRE e2d8d89238047e54/
PRE e5040e89387a330a/
PRE eaf87aeb56cb9cd7/
PRE ebee5c01cc324e12/
PRE eed8ca84c3282328/
PRE efb703b375141f45/

aws s3 ls s3://hello-aicore-data/example-dataset/house-price-toy/model/e2d8d89238047e54/
PRE housemodel/

aws s3 ls s3://hello-aicore-data/example-dataset/house-price-toy/model/e2d8d89238047e54/housemodel/
2024-02-07 13:45:59 3348 model.pkl


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@MichOnSAP : Yes, even for me the model gets created and gets stored in this location. But somehow, during server deployment, this endpoint is not reachable. Apologies to ask again, but were you able to generate prediction URL, meaning the server deplyed successfully?