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Error converting nvarchar to int issue.

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Hi Experts,

I have RFC-> JDBC scenario which execute mssql stored procedure(SP).

All fields are varchar except one field is int.

I defined my data type as SP data types.

The output xml for int field is <ID type="INTEGER">1</ID>

I defined it as xsd:integer.

Rest of fields type is varchar and idefined them as xsd:string.

Now, if I trigger the RFC I got system failure error message.

I checked logs and i found error converting nvarchar to int.

I tried to investigate but no avail.


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Answers (1)

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This error seems problem at the back end.  You might want to check SP script and see how declared data types that match with sql server database data types.  nvarchar2 is the sql server data type to store large values. I think problem is at the SP level not at your PI side.  Take help from Database team to fix it.