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Error : Concatenated values used in documents for master data

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to add one characteristics as compounding characteristics to my master data info object.

previously 'Document property' option was checked for the infoobject. so i unchecked it, as it was not allowing me to add the compounding characterisitcs.

After doing the changes, when I am trying to save, its throwing error as 'Concatenated values used in documents for master data'.

Can anyone please help me with what exactly does it mean and what would be the solution to remove this error.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you tell us the name of the master data objects for which you are trying to add the compounding object?

check if you have created any documents for the master data info object ,or the compounding attribute.

If so..first drop the data before doing the changes and then Activate the info object and then create the document once again.

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Hi Prasanth ,

Thanks for your reply.

I have already deleted the data from my master data and the compunding characteristics. I am doing this for my customized Opportunity master data (ZOPP_NUM) and want to add Sales organization (0CRM_SALORG) as its compounding charactersitics.

Neither my master data or the compounding characterstic has got any documents set. Please suggest what should be done in such case.

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Hi All,

Just found the soultion...wanted to share this....

Actually one document was created on one of my opportunity values, which was not simply visible from edit menu -> documents.

Go to RSA1 -> documents -> master data -> and then give ur info object name -> will get all the documents maintained corresponding to it. Need to delete them.

Then compounding characteristic can be added to our info object.



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