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Error: Cannot create service instance, there isno database available in Business Application Studio.

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Hi BTP Experts!!

When trying to create a new project from template in Business App Studio and after passing all the
default details as per the sap learning tutorial i can see that the new project is been created under explorer,under workspace.

screenshot below:


Now when i try to deploy the database artifact code (as mentioned in sap learning tutorial). It should first create a HDI container and then bound this code to create a physical table. But i am getting below error.

Error: Binding Service DM-hdidb-ws-42hqh failed : Service instance 'DM-hdidb-ws-42hqh' not found: Service instance 'DM-hdidb-ws-42hqh' failed to be created. Error: Service broker error: Service broker hana-broker failed with: Can not create service instance 'DM-hdidb-ws-42hqh': There is no database available. Ensure that you have a database available in space 'dev' within organization '6b16a23etrial'.

How can you assign a database for this dev space under Cloud Foundry (again i see this is deprecate) so it should be the HANA database instance that i created in HANA central (screenshot above).

But how can we assign this database to the dev space.

Can someone guide here

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Tom,
Thanks for the details.As mentioned I did do the Manage configuration and Instance Mapping in HANA central for the HANA database instance.Screenshot below


But in Business application studio when i try to create a calcultaion view under Aggreagtion node when i add a table it doesnt show anthing (now i know that i dont have an HDI container created) but you can see in the screenshot i have connected to the Cloud foundry


Also when i try to run this code it gives me an error



I did assigned the HANA viewer role to my id.Looks like i am missing something  

Any help here greatly apprecaited 🙂




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Mell,

The feature you are looking for goes by the name of "instance mapping" with the idea that you can make a single HANA Cloud HANA database instance available to Business Application Studio users in (potentially many) CF spaces, even if the HANA database was not created in that space.

If you created the database using the newer multi-environment tools, it will be listed in your BTP Cockpit "instances and subscriptions" page for your subaccount with the environment "OTHER" and the instructions are given in the online help here. Map an SAP HANA Database to another Environment Context | SAP Help Portal

If you created the database using the older CF tools, it will be listed in your BTP Cockpit "instances and subscriptions" page with the environment "Cloud Foundry". The instructions are very similar.

If you want to do the mapping from a CLI rather than from the UI, there is a blog describing how to do it here: Automated instance mapping for SAP HANA Cloud inst... - SAP Community