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Error at SAP BO when containing no data in SAP BI Query

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Dear all,

I found this error message when I tried to open my dashboard reports:

"A database error occured. The database error text is: Error in MDDataSetBW.GetCellData. FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND. (WIS 10901)"

This error only show when the first time I opened the reports and the data is empty. After I clikc Ok and re-run the report, it's ok. If the query contains the data, the error will not show.

Please advise or give some suggestion for tihs problems.

I'm using SAP BW 7.0 SP 21 and SAP BusinessObject XI 3.1

Thanks and best regards,

Henki Chen

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Answers (1)

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Hello Henri,

He is the resolution to your problem:

1. Restrict query results to a smaller set of data.

2. Suppress the 'Not assigned/#' Hierarchy node (Exclude Selection) in the BEx hierarchy query. This reduces the size of I-Table & buffer requirements.

3. Avoid use of 'default values' for hierarchy & hierarchy node variables. Or, if a default must be assigned, set it to an attribute that has 0 levels.

4. Implement : Enhancement Pack 1 + Support Package 3 (or above) for optimized interoperability between BusinessObjects & SAP modules.

Thank you,