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Error activating extract structure

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Hi aLL

i HAVE CREATED an extract structure.

When I try creating a DS on the FM and Extract structure created, i get this error...

Units field WAERK for field RVAMT of DataSource ZFIE_BIW_DEF_HIST is hidden

I have defined the reference field for RVAMT as WAERK as defined in the table VBREVE.

Thanks in advance

Prakash Holalkere

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI dear and welcome on board !

General rule: you have to define all the reference fields (units, currencies and so on...) on the SAME extract structure (and not onto external tables) and then fill it by yourself (if you need it) in the exit dedicated to customer enhancement...

Hope it helps!



...and please don't forget to reward the's THE way to say thanks here!

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Hi Roberto

Glad to hear from the BW guru himself.

Yes I have awarded points as your answer solved my problem.



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