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Error 2170...Error 2132...Bad port number in CMS name:

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We are trying to créate a dashboard using a WEBI Report as Data Source, which extracts data from BW .

The communication schema is the following:

Query BW --> Webi (Bo) --> Dashboards Design.

The versions of each component are:

BW: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (SAP_BW         Release: 702      Level: 0009) EHP 2

SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.0 SP2 Patch 17

Dashboard Design Version: Created: 14,0,2,641

The BW-Webi Segment works fine and we are able to see the data stored on BW in the webi report, but when we try to see the data within Dashboards design, via the Query as Web Service functionality (using Webi report as DS) on the preview section, instead of showing the data as of the webi report, we get the following error: #error 2170, and to solve this issue we have applied the following notes:

1359310 - How to access cross-domain-policy.dtd file without access to Internet

1201370 - Error #2170 when previewing or exporting to Business Objects Enterprise an Xcelsius dashboard

1275740 - Xcelsius 2008: "Error 2170" when opening SWF export despite crossdomain.xml being correctly placed

1240810 - Xcelsius 2008 dashboard returning Error #2170

1201370 - Error #2170 when previewing or exporting to Business Objects Enterprise an Xcelsius dashboard

Note 1424178 - Xcelsius error 2170

After applying those notes (fixing the crossdomain.xml file) we get the following error: “Error: Bad port number in CMS name”

Looking for workaround, we try to connect Dashboards Design directly to the BW Query (skipping webi report) and even with this approach we also get the error #2032 with no further description. In order to fix this error we have implemented the following notes:

Note 1408354 - Error 2032 - Federated Portal Network and Xcelsius

Note 1484847 - "Error #2032" while trying to import BEx query through SAP Netweaver BW connection in Xcelsius

With no success, we are still unable to see data coming from BW/Webi on Dashboards design.

Looking for solutions we also encountered the following note:

1390703 - Error #2032 in Xcelsius when attempting to import an SAP query with 2-way SSL connection

Which references exactly to the problem we are getting, but the recommendation is based on Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 and not in Dashboard Design

We highly appreciate your assistance to get this problem solved.

Connection to the BOE environment (WTS) is opened and you can find the logon info in the secure area. We are also open to do a conference call to show you the issue in real time.

Helpme please.....

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I noticed the Dashboards version is 14,0,2,641, which is Patch 2.13.

I would suggest upgrading Dashboard to match the same patch level of the BI Platform server and see if that helps.



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Thanks Charles, I have the same patch in Dashboard Design and BI Platform:

I have the version:

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP02 Patch 17

Any other solutions ????????...


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Try to post the same question @

You may get some help.