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Equivalent Crystal Reports standard/runtime versions

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Hi folks,

I couldn't spot any SAP documentation or previous questions that speaks directly about equivalency of regular Crystal Reports versions, (2020/14.3, 2016/14.2 etc) and the various releases/service packs of Crystal Reports for VS, although I did notice that most of the features of Crystal Reports 2020 seemed to be added into the latter in SP30- and there have been 3 SP releases of Crystal Reports for VS and 3 SP releases of Crystal Reports 2020 since then..

Am I missing something- is there documentation of this somewhere? I'm looking to modify a report originally authored for an application using SP30 for standalone use, and I want to make sure whether Crystal Reports 2020 would be the appropriate version to acquire for this purpose.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Actually, the latest version of Crystal for VS is SP 33 which was released late last year.

The internal structure of the .rpt file hasn't changed much since Crystal 9 was released almost 20 years ago. The only changes have been to add new features. The other thing to be aware of is that, unlike earlier versions, Crystal 2020 is 64-bit and requires 64-bit database drivers in order to edit reports.

If your application is 64-bit, this is not an issue. If it is 32-bit, you'll need to make sure the 32-bit version of the database driver that you're using for the app is the same version as the 64-bit driver. If you're using ODBC, this also means the computer that has Crystal installed will a 64-bit DSN that has exactly the same name as the 32-bit ODBC connection.


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