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equipment attributes problem is psa

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Dear gurus,

problem is all about 0equipment_attr, i received errors in logs,

error arises from;

eq number

10000062 to 31.12.9999 start 09.06.2008

10000062 to 09.06.2008 start 30.05.2008.

error message:

The time interval ['20080609'/'20080609'] & (from/to) for the d

records 99 & and 57 & overlaps in characteristic 0EQUIPMENT &.

Whats wrong with that equipment, how can i solve that problem, ican change the data and upload to cube, but need to solve the problem first.


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Hey John,

To extract time-dependent master data correctly, the extract structure of the DataSource must contain the 'DATETO' and 'DATEFROM' fields. The extract structure fields must, in turn, correspond exactly with those of the view from which the data is extracted. Therefore the date fields must already contain the names 'DATETO' and 'DATEFROM' in the view.If the table underlying the view has other field names, these table fields must be assigned to the view fields 'DATETO' and 'DATEFROM' within the view maintenance (SE11).

So, there is a problem in the R3 records. You need to modify it there. You can also modify it in the PSA and upload it. But this will not resolve the problems for ever. If again the same equipment no. is reffered, then it will throw error. So, its better to correct this in R3.