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EPMDimensionOverrideRange for Dimension

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I’ve been trying to use the function EPMDimensionOverrideRange for dimension Account with hierarchy nodes in a report without success. I’ve prepared two examples: in the first example I’m getting the expected results, but in the second example some nodes are missing.

Example 1 – works fine:

Formula: =EPMDimensionOverrideRange("000";"ACCOUNT";Parametros!E4:F6)

Where ranges are:

Looking at the editor all the selections are correct because there are no other hierarchy nodes between:

Example 2 – the result is not correct:

With a new range: from H11201110 to H11202200 I was expecting the same result above - H11201110, H11201210, H11202100, H11202200.

Formula: =EPMDimensionOverrideRange("000";"ACCOUNT";Parametros!E4:F4)

The new range is:

Looking at the editor the selections are not correct because it only considers the low and high hierarchy nodes and nodes H11201210 and H11202100 are missing:

Does anyone know how to properly use this range function?

My version is: 10.0 SP 38.



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Hi benniejay.guevarra ,

Thanks for your feedback. For me is now clear that I can only use members in page Axis.

I've tried to use your first suggestion in row Axis, but the only issue is that I get several rows (one for each node) and the business requirement is to have the result in a single row.

Do you know if there's a way to show the result of a range in Row Axis in a single row?



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Hi Fredirico,

Can you give an example how your hierarchy looks like? and an example of the range and the expected output? Maybe you can add additional filter like HLEVEL to further trim your result.