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EPMDimensionOverrideRange for Dimension

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I’ve been trying to use the function EPMDimensionOverrideRange for dimension Account with hierarchy nodes in a report without success. I’ve prepared two examples: in the first example I’m getting the expected results, but in the second example some nodes are missing.

Example 1 – works fine:

Formula: =EPMDimensionOverrideRange("000";"ACCOUNT";Parametros!E4:F6)

Where ranges are:

Looking at the editor all the selections are correct because there are no other hierarchy nodes between:

Example 2 – the result is not correct:

With a new range: from H11201110 to H11202200 I was expecting the same result above - H11201110, H11201210, H11202100, H11202200.

Formula: =EPMDimensionOverrideRange("000";"ACCOUNT";Parametros!E4:F4)

The new range is:

Looking at the editor the selections are not correct because it only considers the low and high hierarchy nodes and nodes H11201210 and H11202100 are missing:

Does anyone know how to properly use this range function?

My version is: 10.0 SP 38.



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Hi nikhil.anand,

You're right! Your formula works perfectly in rows:

However, the business requirement is to have the result in a single row and this way I get a row for each node and that's why I was trying to use the page Axis.

Is there a way to show the result of a range in Row Axis in a single row?

Thanks a lot,