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EPCMPROXY.raiseEvent not working while using HTTPS

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Hi all,

EPCMPROXY.raiseEvent used in all my screens works properly while using HTTP but it not works while I use HTTPS. I have checked all my screens with HTTP and it works.... but I the Javascript code throws an Exception while using HTTPS.

What could be the solution??? We need to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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Give this a try.

Go to

Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level

In the settings, choose

Miscellaneous->Allow Web Pages to use restricted protocols for active content

If 'Disabled', change it to 'Prompt'.

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Harini S

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Thanks for your reply.

However, the problem is not the Browser. I have problem with the <b>EPCMPROXY</b> and the <b>events</b>. I have the configuration correct (I think so).

In HTTP I can raise an event and subscribe it in another iView, but I can't do it in HTTPS.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance.