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EP6 SP9 on 6.40 Upgrade to SP12

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I'm trying to upgrade from SP9 to SP12 on Win2k+MSSQL but it has been't been easy today!

1. First, SAPInst failed to install with a domain users: it says: Can't create because it exists then when we delete it, it creates it then fails with the same err msg. We solved this by creating a local users an running sapinst with it.

2. Now it's failing to create a file (please see error text below )in phase: UPDATE JDBC DRIVER. Any help? Thanks.


ERROR 2005-07-20 19:02:30

FSL-06002 Error 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.

) in execution of a 'CreateProcess' function, line (278), with parameter (java.exe -classpath "C:/usr/sap/EPD/SYS/global/security/lib/tools/iaik_jce_export.jar;C:/usr/sap/EPD/SYS/global/security/lib/tools/iaik_jsse.jar;C:/usr/sap/EPD/SYS/global/security/lib/tools/iaik_smime.jar;C:/usr/sap/EPD/SYS/global/security/lib/tools/iaik_ssl.jar;C:/usr/sap/EPD/SYS/global/security/lib/tools/w3c_http.jar;C:\usr\sap\EPD\JC00\j2ee\configtool\lib\tc_sec_secstorefs.jar;C:\usr\sap\EPD\JC00\j2ee\configtool\lib\opensqlsta.jar;C:\usr\sap\EPD\JC00\j2ee\configtool\lib\exception.jar;C:\usr\sap\EPD\JC00\j2ee\configtool\lib\logging.jar;C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\PATCH\MSS\mssdup\mssdup.jar" MssDup EPD C:\usr\sap\EPD\JC00 "C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\PATCH\MSS\mssdup" C:\usr\sap\EPD\sys\global\security\data\

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Please remove your server from domain & start installation.

At the end of installation again move your server back to domain.

Since we also face the same error.

If problem solved then reward me points