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EP6 Benefits

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we're on EP5 (46c) trying to sell the project for EP6 migration with ESS/MSS implementation - at this point we are building a business case for the migration.

do you know if there is any info available on the benefits of upgrade to EP6 and/or maybe some case studies.

Thanks a lot!!


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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the major benefit is that EP5 runs out of support very soon (end of October this year, if I remember correctly). Hence you urgently should update your portal.

Secondly EP6 on NW04 has many enhancements compared to EP5, which are of specific use for you is hard to say without any further information. You mentioned MSS/ESS business packages, if you upgrade your backend systems as well you can make use of web dynpro which gives you a much better UI for the end user.



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Jochen, thank you for your response.

The supportability issue is the very good point.

There's a very slim chance the backend system will be upgraded to WAS, we have proposed that but chances are the backend system will remain 4.7

From what i saw, the ESS/MSS business packages are almost identical for EP5/EP6 without WAS support: i guess we're limited to ESS 50.4 and MSS 50.1 which are supported in both EP5 and EP6.

Besides supportability, what else is the most obvious benefit of upgrading to EP6 with 4.7 as the backend system?

Thank you for your help,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Sergey,

Beside what Jochen mentioned which I also believe is a big plus for migrating, here are some other benefits to migrating to EP6.

1) Improved performance over EP5 (hardware and OS/DB remaining constant, you will get better performance in EP6)

2) Better scaleability

3) Easier high-availability setup

4) More and better administrative and monitoring capabilities.

5) Possibility of running multiple NetWeaver components on same system (for example if you wanted to run EP and BW on the same box)

These are some of the items off the top of my head. If I think of any more I'll try and post them too.

One more note. SAP support for EP5 runs out this Friday, September 30th.

Hope this helps,


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Many thanks, John!