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EP6.0: Alter during accessing BW queries

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while accessing BW(3.5)queries from standard Bussiness Package all of a sudden I am getting and alert( Information) , which read like the following... [[ ]]


Session Management will not work!

Please check the DSM for file for details

You can turn off this alert inside 'Support desk --> SAP Application'


However since this is for info only we are able to get past it after pressing <enter>. Can anybody help me to find out what exactly is causing this alert and how to prevent it from appearing .



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Hi Arunava,

You get this error when you call/access URL without fully qualified domain, like http://myserver:50000/irj/.

Try calling with fully qualified domain using you wont get that error.

In the System Landscape also try to give fully qulaified name for WAS Host name.

Hope this helps,



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