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EP5 to EP6 NW'04: Windows vs UNIX

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Hi *,

we are facing the issue to move our EP5-SP6 to newest version EP6 NW'04.

Beside the strategy to use (migration using migration tools, migration with partial tool usage or migration without using migration tools = transport&recreate) we need also to consider which platform to adopt:

<b>Windows (actual platform) or UNIX?</b>

We are wondering which keys factors needs to be considered for a 'platform evaluation matrix', to do the right choice: scalability, robustness, team skills, implementation path (if we do a migration using the migration tools we need to first migrate and than perform an OS/DB migration), hw costs, existing productive customers (I guess that there are much more productive installations on Windows rather than UNIX), knowledge of SAP (OSS) on Microsoft/UNIX, ecc.

Could you help us to understand which is the better choice between Windows and UNIX?

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (1)

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The biggest consideration isn't what others do but what best fits your organization. The UNIX/Windows choice is better made in the context of what skills are present in your company and what is the better fit across your support and administration resources.