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EP5: Error - DBManager

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We have restored a clustered EP5. In the console_logs we see a perfect startup.

After we logon to the Portal we receive next error message: "Error - DBManager" (see also infra)

Since this is a VBscript error we suppose it's due to a problem in IIS but we just couldn't findit yet.

Has anyone faced this same error?


Error - DBmanager----


Err Object

Number: 424

Description: Object required

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

helpcontext: 0



Portal description

Error Get connection string

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In addition to this message:

Even when the SAPJ2EE service is not running this DB Error is thrown.

We found out it's thrown in global.asa.

Can anyone help us on where the global.asa get's his connection parameters?

Might it be related to IIS service needing permissions?

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In IIS make sure that the website is set as an application. Without that setting it can not access or run the global.asa file.

Hope that helps.


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Theproblem with the DBManager was related to the DBMgr.dll not being registered.

After that we ran into a DB connection error.

After writing somedebug info in the global.asa we found out that the connectionstring build up to get the connection to the DB used a wrong pwd.

Even though we ran the DB Connectivity wizardwith success.

Apparently this last tool was the cause of the error. This tool does an update of next file: ODBCConnections.prm

In the Backup-restore procedure we see that you have to restore the original one. After the restore we applied this but afterwards we ran the DB Connectivity Wizard. This created always a new ODBCConnections.prm with another pwd then the one we specified in the wizard!

We stilldonot know where the DB Wizards gets his pwd from but a restore of the original ODBCConnections.prm did the trick!

Special thanks Keith for following up this post!