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EP to ECC connection

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We r trying to connect EP to ECC..

When we check the connection Tests, Test Connection through the DQE and SAP Web AS Connection are successfully connected.

But the Test Connection with Connector is failed. It shows following error:-

Connection failed. Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct.

We checked all the parameters and it's correct.

Pls help us with some tips..

Thanks in advance,

Nikesh Shah.

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Answers (2)

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Refer the following Links.

<a href="">Connecting EP 6.0 system with ECC 5.0</a>

<a href="">Single-Sign on From Portal EP6 to r/3 ECC 5.0</a>



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Are you using user mapping or logon tickets as the sso mechanism?

If User mapping, make sure your mapped password is correct.

If Logon tickets, then make sure the portal user with which you are doing the connection test has the same username in backend.

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Dear Prem,

Thanks for ur reply,

We are using User mapping for SSO mech. No logon tickets are used.

We hv successfuly connected Ep with CRM & we hv kept some ABC username & password for sso mech.

Now when we r connecting Ep with ECC, the same username & password is kept.

For both the systems we r loging into Ep with some XYZ username & password...

So is it OK if we keep this ABC username & password same for CRM system & for ECC system?

pls reply.

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Yes its OK. You can have them as long as they are different sap systems.

Login seperately to ECC with the mapped username/pwd and check if r getting authenticated. Next check your connector properties in portal system eg clients etc. As system type make sure you chose SAP_R3 and not SAP_CRM for your ECC.

You can also do a connection test from System admin -> Support -> SAP Application -> SAP Transaction -> Here you fill the mandatory params and check if the transaction iview opens, If it dos then ignore the connection test failure.

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hey it's not working from sytem admin-->support...

system type is also SAP_R3..login separatelly to ECC with the username & pass is also working..

We checked our Connection properties with Basis's perfect..

wht now? any other way to chk the error?

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ok if not working from sytem admin-->support... then theres a genuine error.

Carefully retype your user mapping.

If that is also correct. I only see a problem with connector properties like client system id etc.

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hi dude,

We tested the system connection. WAS , connector results r +ve....

For ITS, in the connection tests, it shows :

An HTTP/S connection to was not obtained successfully; this might be due to a closed port on the Firewall.

As confirmed from the Basis Administrator, no such firewall is in place.

When we try from either :

1. Support Desk.

2. IView from this system.

There is an error popping :

"Connection to partner broken" in SAPGUI.

Do kindly help us resolve the issue.