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EP Portal: CSS version mismatch (SAP Note 1749404) compatibility reason of the Portal Styles

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Hi Experts,

on our SAP EP Portal we face the following issue:

The problem is the difference of CSS stylesheet versions used by SAP ITS and SAP Portal. I don’t know why but it seems that SAP ITS uses a higher version of CSS stylesheets (  I think this came with the kernel change we did.

We have upgraded the portal sheets according to note 1749404 and reached to version and this is as far as we can go, there is no higher package for our release version.

The packages for version 7.33.* would require NW 730 but we have 701 so we can’t install them.

Maybe there is a way to bring the ITS stylesheets to a lower version but I haven’t found anything regarding this.

Any Idea how we can solve this error or. error-message?




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wel solved the problem (OSS-Message).

Update the Kernel to SP327:

Quote from Message:

Please apply kernel 7.20 patch level 327 (first apply the stack kernel:
SAPEXE/SAPEXEDB patch level 300 then disp+work patch level 327). By
then the popup should no longer be presented.

Update the Kernel on the "Backend-System" not on Portal!