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EP Authentication through WebService

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Hi all,

I need to implement a login module in a .NET standalone application that gets the user profile in EP 6.0 SP2. Next the app will send some SOAP messages to SAP XI.

I want to validate the user and password from a .NET login screen and validate the user & password in the Portal.

I have read something about UMWebService but it doesn't include any login method.

Another question is how to authenticate in the UMWebService if it's set HIGH_LEVEL security zone. I am able to execute it with Everyone access permitted, but if I avoid Everyone access to the security zone how can I pass the user & password to the WebService from .NET app. If this is possible with something like "Credentials" object, I can execute some dummy method in the standard WebService and if I get response I assume that the user is authenticate because it has been able to execute the webservice. If not, and exception "Authentification error while executin UMWebService".

Any solution for this problem?

Any other solution?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Luis,

why <u>explicitely</u> verifying user and password? What about doing it <u>implicitely</u> by having some "ping" like portal web service which requires authentication and using that web service then? If you add valid credentials to the web service request, authentication to the portal should succeed and you should receive a response that contains some expected "ping" data.

No need to alter security zones then



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