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EP 6.0 SP11 Installation in Cluster Environment

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We are planing to install our Portal server in cluster environment for our production. It has been decided to go as per the follow procedure, but i feel we are missing some thing in this approach.

We have 4 Servers Available in our Landscape, 2 Servers are connected to SAN memory and Two servers are independent.

1. The Database and Schemas will be installed in 1 Server linked with SAN.

2. The WAS Cetnral Instance and the Portal will be installed in one of the Independent Server with host name portalprod and Virtual IP Address

3. One more WAS Central INstance and Portal will be in the Second Independent Server (Exact Replica of the First Server with same host name and Virtual IP Address)

and the 2 independent servers are linked to SAme Database.

The Microsoft Clustering is INstalled in the 2 Independent Servers for Load Balancing.

4. The Another server linked to SAN will be having the ITS.

Is this approach is correct? I guess in this there is no Java (J2EE Engine ) Clustering involved.

Can any one please suggest.

Thanks & Regards


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It's not very clear if you'll be using fail-over for the DB node but I'm going to assume so. If not then your DB will be a single point of failure.

Also it is not possible to have 2 Central Instance (CI) in the J2EE cluster. You would have 1 CI ( the CI in an EP setup would be your SCS Instance (message and enqueue server) along with a Dialog Instance ( dispatcher and server node). NOTE the term CI means SCS + DI. Please note that in a fail-over scenario you do NOT have to install the DI with the SCS. All that's needed for fail-over is for the SCS to fail-over. After fail-over the Dialog Instances (DI) will re-connect to the SCS Instance.

So to scale out you could install more Dialog Instances...

So what you would have is 1 Database, 1 SCS Instance and at least 1 or more Dialog Instances...