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Entity an application service Operation!!

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Hi Experts,

A small question!!! Can I create an Entity service operation without any custome key and without giving any inpu parameter and the corresponding Application service operation in the same way??

This is so that someone can directly get access to all the data stored in the local persistency in the Entity service without giving any input parameters to access them???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vikram,

You can create it. Create an operation within entity service, do not set any input parameter. Within your application service go to dependency tab page and set the dependeny with your entity service. Then within the operation tab page of your application service create an operation of type "Query" abd within data source select your entity service. Now within inplementation tab page of your application service select the operation which you have created. Now put the following code within the custom codding area of your operation.

retValue = null;

<Name of Entity>ServiceLocal cs = this.get<Name of Entity>Service();

retValue = cs.<Name of Operation of Entity service>;

I think this will solve your problem.



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