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Enterprise Formulas????

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Not sure if this is part of the repository or even possible. I have searched but cannot find an answer to my problem and I have not fully grasped the concept of the repository yet.

I am working with CRS v10

I have about 25 reports which use a Region formula based on a clients country. Every 3-6 months management wants to rearrange what countries make up the different regions.

Example this month China is included in Asia/Pacific but next month they might want China to be a region of its own.

I am tired of having to edit 25 reports just to change the region formula and/or the selection formula. Is there a way to have an enterprise formula that everytime a report runs it grabs an updated formula from the enterpise to produce the proper results?

I have considered creating a region table but wanted to know if there was and Enterprise solution.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are "Repository Custom Functions" that can be shared out to other user and other reports and I don't see any reason that you couldn't hard code it with some countries and regions...

The issue that I would foresee is that, while the repository makes these functions available for use enterprise wide, they must be "Added to the report" before they can be used. This would lead me to believe that the function is being copied to the report... Which would mean that any changes made to the function, in the repository, WOULD NOT be reflected in any reports created prior to the change.

This is only a best guess... I haven't tested this to verify... and would certainly be worth checking into.

That said... The best way to accomplish what you want is to track it in the database itself. Have a separate "CountryToRegion" table that defines those relationships. Any changes made to the table would then be reflected in the data.



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