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Hi All,

Can any one give detail overview of Enrichment ?

What is the use of Enrichment controller and Enichment Adapters?

Where exactly enrichment comes into picture?

I have links for this topic.Please don't mention those links.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Priya,

Can any one give detail overview of Enrichment ?

You'd be aware that fundamental part of MDMu2019s core capabilities is to provide an infrastructure supporting integration with third-party data enrichment services that support and extend the core data quality process as well as data enrichment services and processes.

In Enrichment process, MDM sends data elements to an external data enrichment provider and receives a response containing data to be updated or inserted in a repository.

The clients/consumers of these enrichment services can be:

1) An MDM Data Manager user that activates this capability from the workflow

2) An MDM iView user that activates this capability from the workflow

3) A Web service consumer

What is the use of Enrichment controller and Enichment Adapters?

Firstly, it is importanmt for us to know that in order to extend MDM to include external enrichment services, the service provider contains a software component called Enrichment Adapter. This software module implements an interface that provides connectivity between a particular service and the Enrichment Controller

AS you have referred to the help links. i'd like to share one of the links (for benefit of all SNDers) which decribes all the tools required for SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management - Enrichment Adapter for integration scenarios

[Visit the URL|]



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Answers (4)

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Hi Priya,

Why Data Enrichment is required?

1. Achieve more complete and meaningful master data

2. Be able to maintain validated information

3. Financial and business information including Credit Risk Information

4. Identify and maintain the Corporate hierarchy of the Business Partner

5. Help in maintaining Uniqueness of the Business Partner Record.

Enrichment Adapter u2013

Handles the communication between the MDM Enrichment Controller and the service or software performing the enrichment.

Enrichment Controller (EC

Enrichment Controller (EC) reads the XML configuration file during startup.

Enrichment Architecture includes:

1. MDM Server u2013 Workflow, Ports, Client System

2. Syndication Server u2013 generation of XML structure in the format needed by the Enrichment Adapter

3. Import Server u2013 imports and converts the data (in XML format) from the Enrichment Adapter into the MDM repository

4.Distributions Folder u2013 Exchange of the data in XML format between Import and Syndication Server on the one side and

5.Enrichment Controller on the other side

6.SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java u2013 Used as the runtime environment for both the Enrichment Controller and the Enrichment Adapters

7. Enrichment Controller u2013 Listens for enrichment requests via the MDM Workflow, triggers syndication, Enrichment Adapter and import.

Hope it will help you.



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Hi Priya,

There is a doc on Enricment process at

Please check the same.



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Hello Priya,

MDM Enrichment Adapter typically consists of:

Repository schema

New repository serving as a template and modeled for a certain object

Additions to a SAP template repository

Import Maps

Covering additional data sources for SAP template repositories

Import Maps for new MDM Repository

Syndication Maps

Covering additional data destinations for SAP template repositories

Syndication Maps for new MDM Repository

Portal Content*

Portal Business Package based on SAP or ISV template repository

Enrichment comes into picture when we want to improve our data quality in MDM .This activity is taken up by third parties like D&B etc.In enrichment process the data in MDM is validated acc. to the Business standards and Compliances and also maintained a single instance of each record and also is provided with a uniq id like D&B provides a D&B number.In enrichment when we send the data to the third party they compare the ids and then the data wrt to it and then update else neglect .This process make the single instance refrence point to check and validiate data globally.



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Hi Priya,

Enrichment is a process of Enriching the data that we are using in our Business that is getting the effective and correct data with no discrepancies.

We require Enrichment :

1. To achieve more complete and meaningful master data.

2. To identify and maintain various hierarchies that we are using in our master data.

3. To maintain uniqueness throughout.

Basically Enrichment process comes into picture when we are actually trying to maintain uniqueness among our data. There are various companies in market that actually helps in maintaining that uniqueness in data and also provides with the latest details about the data that we are maintaining. Some of the examples are : DUN and BRADSTREET , INTERMAT etc. These companies provide the accurate data for your master data like Duns and Bradstreet provides with the Vendor and Information with which your business is dealing.

Enrichment Controller and Enrichment Adapter :

Enrichment controller :

The basic functionality of Enrichment Controller is that it reads the file during startup and then connects to the repositories and then wait for the trigger event which can be a workflow step or a WEB Service call. Once triggered then EC activated the MDM Syndication Server for writing out the records and after getting the enriched record back creating a file in the Inbound Folder so that it can be picked up by MDM Import Server.

Enrichment Adapter :

EC creates an instance of Enrichment Adapter and then passes the syndicated records through a call of the interface method, then it is the work of the adapter to process the request ( it may require Internet connection or interaction with local software module) and then send the enriched data back.

Hope this would be helpful!!!!

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