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enrichment architecture - real time?

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In which scenario would using the enrichment architecture connected to SAP MDM be usefull? Is it possible to use the enrichment architecture for real time usage, I can image since it uses importing / syndication the response times are to high? Thinking about a scenario with trillium using the MDM enrichment architecture.



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Hi Wim,

Enrichment architecture is designed for real time usage.

Following are tips that will help to improve performance of the enrichment process (for MDM SP5 Patch 2).

To improve performance of syndication step at the Enrichment Process:

- Decrease MDSS delay settings: "Auto Syndication Task Delay (seconds)" parameter in MDSS.INI.

- Make sure no un-used repositories are loaded, every loaded repository contributes delay time to the syndication cycle.

To decrease process initiation time:

- Set the EC property (at Visual Admin configuration adapter) "UpdateEnrichmentStatusesTable" to be false.

This setting will decrease the initial Enrichment Process step time dramatically, since EC will not update the Enrichment Status field of each record at the beginning of the process, or during it.

Major performance improvements are planned to be released at future versions of the Enrichment Controller.



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Hi Orit,

Thanks for the helpfull answer, certainly answers my question.