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Enquiry on Product key for upgrade

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Hi Support Team,

I am planning to upgrade our current CRS 2008 service pack 0 (SP0) to service pack 7 (SP7).

When try to install using the downloaded SP7 installer, it prompted to enter product key.

I cannot proceed further when I used the current SRS 2008 product key.

Please advise further how to proceed from here.

Thank You

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Do you mean Crystal Reports Server?

It's not the same as Crystal Reports.

CRS 2008 is end of life an no longer available for updates or to get updates.

Time to upgrade, which you should have done a long time ago.

See this for end of life:

CRS 2008 support ended in 2013.

You can get/upgrade from here:

On this page is a Chat button, see if they can generate a new one for you. Support site doesn't have the option to self generate a new keycode.


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I received error during installation as per attachment. How to proceed from here.

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I suspect you downloaded a full version of CR 2008 instead of the upgrade. Did you get the download from here:


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Thank you for the feedback. I shall try to download and install it.