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Enhancing Bex Web Analyzer

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Users would like to

a) Apply dyanamic changes after the web report came up, such as bold/ fonts / fit to page and make it pretty for distribution. They want flexility and do not like the idea of fixed templates. Did anyone has had similar requirements?

b) Also the ability to quickly send out static web report data over e-mail is missing. The info-broadcasting is cumbersome and sends data as ZIP file which needs to be unzipped. Without zip option it looses formatting.

c) Seems like simple printing of the report is a challenge. I tried How To....Enhance Web printing. It is sort of clumsy. I have to try Printing with excel.

Would appreciate your response



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rakesh,

If you want to change things like fonts and colors, you can do that in a style sheet and then use this in your web template.

I have tried the How To on Web Printing. I agree, it is a bit cumbersome and needs a good amount of customization and gettign used to before you can actually print as you would like to. I tried a couple of different ways to output the report to PDF and then print, but it is a problem when the report scrolls across to the right. I have not yet tried out the Excel based printing option.

Hope this helps...

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