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Enhancing 0FC_BP_ITEMS datasource

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Dear Friends,

I went through the above mentioned thread which explains the method of enhancing FICA Open items (0FC_OP_01) and Cleared Items (0FC_CI_01) datasources.

My question is how to enhance 0FC_BP_ITEMS datasource. I have already enhanced 5 z-fields in FKKOPBW_DELTA (in RSA6) and written code for corresponding fields in CMOD and can see the data for enhanced fields in RSA3.

My basic apprehension is: Does something needs to be done similar to process mentioned in the thread above (for e.g. in SBIW?). Will these enhanced fields be taken care of automatically during Delta Upload. Please guide.


Amit Srivastava

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amit

If you have done the enhancement and are able to see the fields in RSA3 then you need not do any other settings in SBIW. The settings which you refered from the link are specifically for Open Item and Cleared Items.

So go ahead, replicate the enhanced DS in BI and extract the data through the Info package till PSA. You could even check in PSA if the enhanced fields are appearing or not.



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