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Enhancements in Extractions

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Hi ,

Any one plz tell me how to enhance fields to my standard datasource what are the steps

i already process the data respective datasourcess

now i enhance the datasource what will happend background

tell me steps where i want to enhance these fields ,,,

what are the steps plz help me..

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Answers (3)

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...and, in addition, take a look to these weblogs:

/people/sap.user72/blog/2005/02/14/logistic-cockpit--when-you-need-more--first-option-enhance-it and


Hope it helps!

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Goto RSA6 and first enhance your data source by adding new fields.Then go to cmod. RSAP0001 project and double click on the type of component you want .then double click on the include and start filling your extra fields.

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Dont forget to replicate your data source after adding the new field in cmod.


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Hi Karthik,

Datasource enhancement can be done in two ways:

1-include another field, which is not a part of the Business content Data Source but it is a part of the pool/communication structure in the Source System.

2-Additional field added to the existing Business Content Extract Structure (Appending the Structure).

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hai ashish,

plz tell me yaar

what are the steps

how to add the extra field in existing business conetent

plz let me know

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Hi reddy,

-Select the datasource you want to enhance.

-Get the extract structure associated with the Data Source by using table ROOSOURCE.

-Go to transaction SE11

-Click on Append Structure.

-Add the fields to the append structure and Activate it.

-Remember the name of additional fields will have to be prefixed with ZZ.

-Create a project using exit RSR0001

-Function exit EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 for transaction data.

-Double click on include ZXRSAU01 to create it.

-Write code.

-Activate data source.

-Finally enjoy..

Hope this steps help please assign points.