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can any body give me the details about Enhancement?

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Hai Sateesh,

go throug this

Why do you need enhancements ?

The standard applications do not offer some of the functionality you need. The R/3 enchancement concept allows you to add your own functionality to SAP's standard business applications.

What are the different types of enhancements ?

Enhancements using customer exits

Customers' potential requirements which are not included in the standard software are incorporated in the standard as empty modification 'shells'. Customers can then fill these with their own coding. Enhancements can relate to programs, menus and screens. Upward compatibility is assured. In other words, SAP guarantees that the jump from the standard software to the exit and the interface which call the exit will remain valid in future releases.

Enhancements to ABAP/4 Dictionary elements

These are ABAP/4 Dictionary enhancements (creation of table appends), text enhancements (customer-specific key words and documentation for data elements) and field exits (creation of additional coding for data elements).

What is customer development ?

Creating customer-specific objects within the customer name range.

What is SSCR ?

SSCR (SAP Software Change Registration) is a procedure, for registering all manual changes to SAP source coding and SAP Dictionary objects.

What is the difference between modifications and enhancements ?

Modifications mean making changes to the SAP standard functionality.

Enhancements mean adding some functionality to SAP standard functionality.

What are the disadvantages of modification ?

Modifying standard code can lead to errors

Modifications mean more work during software upgrades

What are the advantages of enhancements ?

Do not affect standard SAP source code

Do not affect software upgrades

when do you opt for modification ?

Customer exits are not available for all programs and screens within the R/3 standard applications. You can only use exits if they already exist within the SAP R/3 System . Otherwise you have to opt for modifications .

What are the various types of customer exits ?

Menu exits

Screen exits

Function module exits

Keyword exits

What is a menu exit ?

Adding items to the pulldown menus in standard R/3 applications .

What is a screen exit ?

Adding fields to the screens within R/3 applications. SAP creates screen exits by placing special subscreen areas within a standard R/3 screen and calling a customer subscreen from within the standard dynpro's flow logic.

What is a function module exit ?

Adding functionality to R/3 applications. Function module exits play a role in both menu and screen exits.

What is a keyword exit ?

Add documentation to the data elements of key words defined in the ABAP/4 Dictionary. The system displays this documentation whenever a user presses F1 to get online help for a screen field.

How do SAP organizes its exits ?

SAP organizes its exits in packages that are called SAP enhancements. Each SAP enhancement can contain many individual exits.

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Prashanth K

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Hai Sateesh,

First you should be aware under which component you are going to do this enhancement.. if its a generic extraction then you'll be providing the Application component in RSO2...

Now, Goto transaction RSA6, navigate to the application component and choose the data source that you want to navigate... After choosing that, Select the tab "Enhance Extract Structures" which will be there at the top.. There give the structure name and include or append the fields that you want to add to the existing data source... Then save it and come out.. Now the fields are added to the extract structure.. Now, in RSA6 choose the same datasource and select the tab, "Function Enhancements" which also will be there at the top.. clicking this will take you directly to the transaction CMOD...

There, give a relevant project name and choose the enhancement to be RSAP0001... inside that you'll have 4 exits.. the first exit is for the Transactional data, 2nd is for Master Data Attributes, 3rd for Master data Texts and 4th for Master data Hierarchy.. depending on what you want to enhance, choose the corresponding exit and get inside.. there in the source code tab, you'll have an include program at the end... double click on the include program and it'll take you to a screen where you would have to write a logic on what those appended fields will be doing...

CMOD is where you write all the custom enhancements and SMOD is to display all the SAP Exits...

some usefull links:

'customer exit and enhancement in bw'

and steps mentioned

another enhancement weblog by Ajay



Hope it helps,

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If u do not replicate , u can not extract data

Also have a look at Weblog by Pradip -


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Enhancement means modification of structure...

and also u can add in one filed.. particular data source..

The first in Enhancement name , Second is component of that enhancement

RSAP0001 Customer function calls in the service API

This is an enhancement , This has following components

EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 Transaction data

EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 Master data



help in enahancement in bw

Roberto's weblog on LO enhancement


also Sanyam's


hope this helps.



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