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Enhancement of 0FI_GL_14 with document status

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Hi experts,

I want to enhance DS 0FI_GL_14 with field document status (BKPF-BSTAT), but i'm concerned with this having impact on delta..

This field can change during time (for example, a document has a parked status, and then it changes to normal document).

If i include this field to this extractor, will i have any impact on the delta? Will i be unable to have this datasource as delta enabeled for all the fields? or just for this field in particular

Can you please advise on the best way to extract the document status into BW and maitain deltas?

Many Thanks


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only the enhanced field will not trigger the delta, the rest will work as before. you need to double check if changing the document status changes any of the standard fields, and hence will lead to a delta record.

enhancements on fi_gl are discussed many times, so search the forums for more info.