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End-to-end scenarion with VAN

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Im totally new to B2B module, coming from Seeburger. Is there somewhere where I can read about a end to end scenario for a EDIFACT message to idoc?

I want to understand how B2B module handles messages. We have a VAN so all the EDIFACT messages will come from the same channel. Seeburger could read the GLN and split the messages to the correct ICO - how does this work in B2B?

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Hi Stefan,
for splitting the messages you can use the EDI separator adapter. You can create an iflow where sender is for example AS2 and receiver is EDISeparator without mapping. And then you can use more iflows with EDISeparator as sender and Idoc adapter as receiver. In the EDISeparator you can use message type and GLN to split the incoming files. If you search for EDI Separator Adaptor you find useful tips, for example