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End smartforms processing

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Hi all,

I have a smartform that consist of FIRST Page and NEXT page.

I want to put a condition for example variable X = 20 then do not display NEXT page.

Further explanation: If variable X = 20 then only display 1st page.

How do I achieve this ???

Thanks a lot!


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Initially assign the Next Page attribute of FIRST as Blankspace.

then You have to use..

Alternative node: to Check the Condition (IF X <> 20)

Command Node : To Trigger Next page (Page P2)

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I've done the same one in my latest object.

we trigger a pagebraeak using command node right? In that node goto the conditions tab and give the condition: X NE 20 (i mean X not equal to 20).

Now the pagebreak doesn't occur when X EQ 20 and only first page will be there in the o/p.

It will definitely work.Go ahead


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You can do like this.

1. In the first page, General Attributes, remove next page, i.e leve next page field blank.

2. In the first page insert a command at the end of main window and select "Go to Next Page" check box and choose your next page.

3. In the command conditions tab enter your variable with conditions, if the conditions are satified, command is executed and next page is printed else, printing stops with the first page since there is no default next page.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Raj,

Infact I have a complex condition like

if (X=1 OR X=2) AND (Y = 3 OR Y = 4)

how do I implement this condition in your suggested solution? I understand that I can create multiple alternative control and put X=1 OR X=2 condition in First Alternative control. and then create another Alternative control and put Y=3 OR Y=4 in child Alternative Condition Control.

Is there any other way to put these OR and AND conditions in only one control's conditions tab?

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You might like to try this

1. Enter your first two conditions one after the other in two separate lines.

2. Place your cursorn on the second line and choose "OR" button in the conditons tab. Make sure that "OR" is inserted between the two conditions

3. This makes the condition something like this: X =1 OR X = 2.

4. In the fourth and fifth lines enter your third and fourth conditions and insert "OR" between these two which makes it Y = 3 OR Y = 4.

5. Between third and fourth lines SAP treats condition as AND and AND is stronger than OR and thus it should treats it some thing like this

(X =1 OR X = 2) AND (Y = 3 OR Y = 4)

Hope this makes your smarform bit cleaner and maintainable