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Encoding Trademark character - sender file adapter

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Dear experts,

I'm trying to interface with IBM maximo through sender file adapter and a file from Maximo has some special character (Trademark character), which is misaligning the file layout in PI. Does anyone know what encoding does Maximo use?

Attached is the special character image - the character followed by GT. Looks like it's not UTF-8. Please suggest.


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Answers (2)

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I'm sorry but more information is needed here.

1. You didn't attach the mentioned image, please do so

2. Which version on which OS with which DB?

3. You may want to get in touch with some guys at the IBM maximo side. They most probably can tell you which character set your Instance of IBM Maximo is using.

PI file adapter can adapt to multiple character sets. If you don't need to do content conversion or the like, you may just opt for binary transfer mode which should out-rule any charset related issues (at least I hope so, please correct me if I'm wrong here)



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UTF-8 can encode all characters. If it is not working, please try CP1252  (recommended) or ISO8859-1.