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Enabling onpremise fiori apps to mobile

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Dear Experts,

We have SAP fiori apps which are accessible through Fiori LPD URL. This FLPD URL is configured in Centrify (Which make sure the user is in VPN) and end users access these apps through this link.

Our analysis

1. I copy pasted the same URL(Which Centrify) on my mobile browser and able to access fiori LPD and fiori apps. 2. I also downloaded the Fiori client app in my mobile and pasted same URL in login section and able to access fiori apps.

My question is : Can I directly ask client to download Fiori client and copy paste URL as stated in pont 2 and start accessing fiori apps or is there any way or process to make them access existing fiori apps on their mobile.

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Hi Gregor WOlf,

Thanks for the suggestion, based on your inputs, I went through and found below methods to configure and deploy SAP fiori client into users' devices to access SAP FLPD.

Method 1 : Creating a Custom SAP Fiori Client

Method 2 : Configuring SAP Fiori Client Using an MDM Solution - The one which you suggested

If possible could you please provide your inputs on below queries

  • 1.Which is the feasible option in GPI landscape
  • 2.How much Basis work and technical work involved.
  • 3.How much money and time involved.
  • 4.Is there any licensing and product purchase involved?
  • 5.Is their Admin work involved?

Method 3: Configuring SAP Fiori Client Using the SAP Mobile Secure Discovery Service

Method 4: Configuring SAP Fiori Client Using URL Query Parameters