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Enabling detailed authorizations on catalogs and groups in Fiori launchpad designer

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In standard launchpad designer you have either access to all or no objects.

When you are working with remote catalogs in the launchpad designer it is possible to restrict the access to cotalogs and groups by authorization object /UI2/SRVC based on catalog level. I want to use this feature also for local catalogs. This seems to be important for me since we have global acting company with subsidiaries in different countries working in one client. The administrators of each company should only be allowed to maintain their catalogs.

Does anybody else have this requirement?

Is there a solution to this requirment available?

Best regards

Udo Ahle

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Hello Udo,

Were you able to find a solution to this. I have a similar requirement.

Thanks in advance.


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in Gateway Customizing i replaced the standard class for the implementation of the service /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_CUST (external service name PAGE_BUILDER_CUST). I derived a new class from the standard class. One drawbrake of this solution might be that the name of the Standard class changes over time which means that you have to be careful when doing release changes.

I have overwritten some methods:







Best regards