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Empty Result Array Issue in Business Rules Service for Partner Creation Approval Process

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Hello SAP Community,

I am encountering an issue while configuring the business partner creation approval live process. I am following the official configuration guide and am facing a challenge at the step where I need to enrich the base data using the My Inbox app.

Problem Description: After updating the data in My Inbox and attempting to submit it, the system sends a POST request to the following URL:


Although the request returns a status 200 (indicating that it has technically succeeded), the resulting data array is unexpectedly empty (Result: []). Here is the snippet of the code handling the response:



1. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with the My Inbox app in process automation environments?
2. Are there any known fixes or workarounds that can ensure the result array is not empty?

I appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to resolve this. Thank you!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Please raise a ticket on BPI-PA-BPC component, and someone from the content Dev team will address the issue. We will need to look into your project to suggest you accordingly.