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Empty file getting generated

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Hi Experts,

We are testing a newly migrated scenario from XI 3.0 to PI 7.1.

The Interface mapping consists of Message mapping followed by a ABAP Mapping.This scenario works fine in XI 3.0

whereas when i try to test the same scenario in 7.1 it creates an empty file.

I have tried to test the scenario using the first with message mapping alone and then with abap mapping alone.

Both work fine generating the expected results.But when i try to run them together it creates an empty file.

I have maintained the values in exchange profile

IntegrationBuilder ->IntegrationBuilder.Repository ->

R3_ABAP|Abap-class;R3_XSLT|XSL (ABAP Engine)

We are testing an apap mapping for the first time in 7.1.Please let me know if i am missing any specific setting.



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I assume that the abap mapping does not gets called from the ABAP Stack.

Try entering the abap mapping name again and save and activate. Sometimes this might work.

Check the class in abap stack and try to regenerate it.

In the worst case scenario, modify something in the abap mapping and regenerate it.



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I agree with Krish's suggestion.

In addition, in Mapping Object, AbapClass type is selectable?

Have you restarted the j2ee instance after adding the Abap Parameter into the Exchange Profile?

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Hi spantaleoni,

I am unsure of what u meant by "In addition, in Mapping Object, AbapClass type is selectable?"

I type-in the Abap class name in my operation mapping after the message mapping.

We have restarted the server but it didnot help



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Can you check the cache status by going to Environment -> Cache Status? See if there are any unreflected changes there. Also check in SXI_CACHE if it is updated.

Hope this helps,