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Embedded SAC within Marketing or Sales or S/4 HANA Cloud

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Can someone from SAP (or the community) confirm if a separate license is required for embedded SAC (Analytics Cloud) within Marketing, Sales or S/4 HANA cloud or is it bundled together without a separate license. I am NOT talking about embedded analytics which is a bundled product. I am also not talking about live connections to these products from SAC - that is doable.

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Hi apeera

In case of SAP Marketing Cloud, we have two options :

  1. SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud version
  2. SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition.

I believe, recently customers received the Option 2 when ordering SAP Marketing Cloud.

With respect to Licensing(no of authorized users for SAC), SAP control this via the SAP Marketing Cloud Edition that Customer purchases.

In case of Standard edition of SAP Marketing Cloud, we can have 5 SAP Analytics Cloud Users.

Similarly we have 20 and 50 for Professional and Enterprise edition.

Try checking with your Customer Engagement Executive.

Hope this helps !