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Email sending of the SPOOL output

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Dear guys,

when I try to send the output of the spool to an enterprise domain, I am gettign the below error message.

From the ECC systen where I am trying to mail to the domain, I could connect to out mail server with the port which I specified in the SCOT configuration.

Could you please suggest me where I went wrong.

No delivery to '', invalid recipient address

Message no. XS806


The recipient address '' was invalid or initial.

System Response

The action was terminated.

Additional information of the node used (in the system language of the node):

501 5.1.8 Domain of sender address 'XXXatxxxxxxx'.


Specify a valid recipient of the object. The address '' or address type '' you specified (no 'type' specification is equivalent to the SAP address) contains an error.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Is your SAP Server IP registered on the SMTP relay agent of your Mail Server?



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Are you manually tryping the email id while sending the mail or how are you trying to send the mail?

1) Do other mails go correctly?

2)under the address type , have you put *?

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I have a similar problem. When I try to send an e-mail to outside domain it gets error XS806 "invalid recipient address"

E-mails go fine to our Internal company addresses. I've used "Internet address" Recipient type.

Does someone know how to check if our SMTP server allows e-mail relay from SAP servers? What entries I'm looking for?

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You have to talk to your SMTP server administration team. They are the only ones knowing the configuration and the specific security rules of your company for outgoing external mail.

For exemple, in my company, the sender adress of an outgoing mail must be valid. Otherwise, the mail will be rejected but the SAP system will not be aware of it.