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Email notification triggering for PO approval rejection by Managers

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Dear Experts,

Scenario : An Email notification should be triggered, for the level of managers in decreasing order one who rejects in approving the PO. After the creation of PO, the PO will go for 5 levels of Managerial approvals for eg., if Manager 1 & Manager 2 approves the PO and Manager 3 rejects it then an email should be triggered to Manager 1 & 2.

I need the solution to create the workflow - BO, events and also I need to know how to create an Activity to trigger email & write ABAP code( where to run the code in loop for n level of manager) within the activity.

Kindly guide me to resolve the issue.


SAP Business Workflow ; SAP Workflow Management ; SAP BTP, ABAP environment ; SAP Young Thinkers .



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First you should tell us what is your system because there is now 2 workflow technologies within SAP 

Flexible workflow which is the way to go in S4H especially if you don"t know anything in workflow and have a simple approval scenario, if you are in an S4H system check the fiori library you'll get the apps for manage po approval

If you are not using a flexible workflow take an example with the standard workflow provided by SAP for BUS2012, this workflow is triggered by the release strategy (MM customising) I think it is WS20000075

You can then copy the standard and modify it adding the mail step is quite easy

Also workflow is not difficult if you do some effort learning it (getting the information from sap help, or reading the ebooks from sap press)



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Thank You Stephane. Your insights were very helpful. If I have any doubts will reach you, please do support & Let’s connect and keep in touch here.