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Email notification to UWL in EP

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When I create an "activity" and saved, email notification will be sent out to manager to inform him that a new activity is created.

Is it possible that the email notification is sent to the UWL in EP? As using EP is his daily basis. It will be nice if he can immediately notice that new activity is created and easy for him to do the follow-up.

Kindly advice that how should i proceed.

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ginnie,

You could send a message to the user in stead of an e-mail. Messages to the inbox of an user can also be shown in the UWL.



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Martin Nooteboom

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will try this out!

Thanks a lot!!



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I am not sure of emails in UWL. But there is a possibility of displaying SAP mails in UWL using SONIC - SAP Office Notification Connector. For your case you can have a SAP mail sent to the manager and he will be able to view it in his UWL

Check out for the keyword SONIC in SDN. You will get a lot of threads regarding this. (I think there was a sample code posted in SDN by Alan Rickayzen. Some search would get you that)


Prasath N