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Email Notification for long running session

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Dear All,

I want to configure email notification for any long running session on my server which can be seen in SM66. Is there any possible way? Please suggest.



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Hi Prem,

I hope you doing good.

Now, for the above query, I am not sure that we have any such MTE in CCMS for user specific session, however, a small custom code can be used to achieve such functions

Here, you have to use some f Function Modules using CALL FUNCTION/FM in your abap code.

These function modules are from TH* family like TH_DISPLAY_USER_LIST and TH_USER_INFO. Now the coder can file out the results based on some 'Threshold', which are in spool generated - convert this into PDF(if you want). Now schedules this custom program in background for every 10 mins, and notification will come through it on email ID or any DL.

How to send email from job -



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Thanks Divyanshu. I was trying to avoid this coding part. Seems there is no other possible way.