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Email Configuration in Process chain

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Hi Gurus

I am doing email notification configuration in process chain but when I go to "maintain Recipient List" I can find only 4 Recipient Type , Would you pl advise how can I add more types for example SMS , Fax number etc...

Also I don't see any users added to the Recipient list and when I try to add them which Type i should select for the company's ID?

Appreciate your help


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Answers (3)

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You can also trugger email from Program, and use this program in Process chain.

check it in


*& Report ZTEST_FM


REPORT ztest_fm.

DATA : is_doc_chng TYPE sodocchgi1,

it_objtxt TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1,

is_objtxt TYPE solisti1,

it_objpack TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sopcklsti1,

is_objpack TYPE sopcklsti1,

it_objbin TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1,

is_objbin TYPE solisti1,

it_reclist TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF somlreci1,

is_reclist TYPE somlreci1,

w_lines_tx TYPE i.

is_doc_chng-obj_descr = 'Auto genareted Mail'.

is_objtxt-line = 'This is an automatically generated mail. Please do not reply to it.'(028).

APPEND is_objtxt TO it_objtxt.

is_objtxt-line = space.

APPEND is_objtxt TO it_objtxt.

DESCRIBE TABLE it_objtxt LINES w_lines_tx.

READ TABLE it_objtxt INTO is_objtxt INDEX w_lines_tx.

is_doc_chng-doc_size = ( w_lines_tx - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( is_objtxt ).

CLEAR is_objpack-transf_bin.

is_objpack-head_start = 1.

is_objpack-head_num = 0.

is_objpack-body_start = 1.

is_objpack-body_num = w_lines_tx.

is_objpack-doc_type = 'RAW'.

APPEND is_objpack TO it_objpack.

is_reclist-receiver = '(Give your id here)'.

is_reclist-rec_type = 'U'.

APPEND is_reclist TO it_reclist.

CLEAR is_reclist.



document_data = is_doc_chng

put_in_outbox = 'X'

commit_work = 'X'


packing_list = it_objpack

contents_txt = it_objtxt

receivers = it_reclist


too_many_receivers = 1

document_not_sent = 2

document_type_not_exist = 3

operation_no_authorization = 4

parameter_error = 5

x_error = 6

enqueue_error = 7


IF sy-subrc 0.

MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno

WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.


*Note: You can alter this program as per your requirement. For this SCOT need to be configured

You can add mutiple users list and also you can get users mail ids from tables. i.e. you can read the mail ids from tables, for this ask ABAPer to do it.*



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Which version u are using now I think u r working on BW 3.5. In BW/BI 7.0 you will find all these

Recipient type which u r required.

and for company's ID select Recipient type as Internet address

Hope this helps you



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To select company's ID you can select Internet Address type.