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Element VS attribute in IR when we create data type.

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hi guruz,

when we make data type in IR ,and while creating node ,according node we give type(Element ,attribue etc).

what is diff between element and attribute.

please help me

warm regards.

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Hi Pawan,

An element the field which is holding the data , Attribute is holding additionol information of an element.

For ex:- Employee data

Emp.No -( It is an Element)

Emp.Name(It is an element)

Emp.Address(It is an element)

Street -- (It is an attribute)



Contact No


These above attributes are holding addtional information of Emp.Address element. U cananiot use same attribute mulitple times for an element.

Attributes you can define as Optionol/Required. Elements u can specify the occurence like 0..1 or 1.



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You create complex data types using elements and attributes in the XSD editor


Create structured data types. Elements that have a type cannot contain subelements.

Example Instance


<f1> Value of f1 </f1>

<f2> Value of f2 </f2>



Add attributes to elements. Attributes cannot usually have subnodes.

Example Instance

<myElem myAttr="AttributeValue">

Element Value


You can flag an attribute as optional or required in the Occurrence column. These values mean the same for elements with an occurrence of 0..1 or 1. The only difference between elements and attributes is that attributes cannot have subnodes and that the same attribute cannot be used more than once in an element.

Hope this will clarify you.


Aashish Sinha

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