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EJB Lookup

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I need to lookup an EJB from message mapping.

1. Is this possible.

I have imported the jar file of the EJB as an imported archive and also in the user defined function i have included the packages in the import section. However when i activate the msg mapping it gives a compile time error stating that it is not able to recognise the home and remote interfaces of the EJB.

2. Can anyone please suggest how i need to include the jar file of the EJB.

3. If the above is possible can i use the Local and LocalHome interfaces instead of remote interfaces.

Please do give your suggestion



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Answers (2)

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1.Try importing the standard jar files for home and remote interface and check.It is just a wild guess.SAP will not have those jar files.Even if you included the packages in the import section when SAP tries to import the jar it might give this error as it doesnot find them.

2.Iam also curious to know why EJB's are needed to be looked in message mapping.

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I don't think you will be able to lookup EJB by that way.Imported archives can be simple java classes or beans written to implement some custom logic while EJB are deployable components.

So unless you deploy your EJBs into web application server I don't think you will be able to use them.

Just wondering why u need to lookup for a EJB?


Rajeev Patkie