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EJB deployment problem

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Hi ,

I have deployed an ejb file as an EAR file succesfully thru NWDS (without any errors)

But when i goto the Visual administrator, I dont find the EJB deployed in the

"Ejb Container" Service though I am able to find the Log Configurater deployed under

the "Application" category.

The Ejb is also not found listed in the "EJB Container" under the Service Tree.

I have followed the steps detailed in 2 pdf files , namely, "How to create modules"? and "Adapter Modules" .

Should i necessarily deploy the EAR thru the SDN?

Kindly advice.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Krishnamoorthy,

Did you try with Visual Administrator?

In Visual Admin go to Services > Deploy > and try deploy/update or deploy & start.Then you will see your ejb into EJBContainer.

I hope it helps.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Satish and Ricardo for your replies.

Actually, I had missed to add the module onto the "EAR" by right clicking on the EAR. The step however is not listed under the step by step guide "how to creat modules"..By adding the "EJB module", i got the EJB deployed under the Visual ADmin.

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If you have connectivity between NWDS and WAS you can directly deploy it from NWDS.

Else you can deploy from the Visual administartor. For this see the reply given by the last post.

Also please check whether you have any syntax errors and also test it once in NWDS and then deploy it.