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EJB and Dictionary Deployment Problem

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I am new to SAP J2EE engine. I tried deploying a simple EJB application with one entity(CMP) and one stateless session bean but cud not succeed. These were the problems:

1. When I used SAPDB for CMP, it said the table TMP_EMPLOYEE (which the CMP bean maps to, as per persistet.xml) is not found in the catalog. Then I created a dictionary project with the TMP_EMPLOYEE table defined, but I couldn't deploy the dictionary archive. SDM (from the NWS IDE) says this:



=> deployment not executed : file:/C:/DOCUME1/i031278/LOCALS1/Temp/temp11240EmployeeDB.sda

The SDA with development component 'EmployeeDB'/''/'localhost'/'2004.' changed its software type from J2EE to JDDSCHEMA. This change is not supported.

Deployment will be aborted.

Deployment exception : Got problems during deployment


2. When I changed the DB provider to MS_SQL_SERVER, which had EMPLOYEEDB/TMP_EMPLOYEE defined, and the SQL server was started, the Table was again not found! (i.e., if I switch off deploy-time table verification, this TableLockingException is thrown. Otherwise ORMappingVerificationException is thrown when the deploy-time verification switch is on).

I have specified the resource-ref etc properly now. This sample application also has a servlet which tries to access the session bean, which inturn talks to the CMP bean. I'm sure that the JNDI names are properly referred.

I am using SAP J2EE engine 6.40 with SP9 and IDE is 2.0.9.

Another thing: I tried to deploy the tutorial 'Car Rental EJB Application' application's dictionary. Even that failed with the same error!

Please help me with this.

Thanks a lot!



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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