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Editing Transfer Routines not all fields available for selection

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Dear Experts,

We have recently upgraded our entire landscape to 3.5 from 3.10 Content. However we have now started doing some more development and have noticed a problem.

When displaying the existing Transfer Routines you can see all the fields available for selection. However as soon as you try to edit the routine or create a new one almost 1/3 of the fields are no longer listed for selection.

Any ideas ? I don't want to have to select all fields just to get the one I need!

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Craig,

I've experienced similar problems. Maybe you can try the following:

1. Display an existing Transfer Routine.

2. In the list of fields scroll upwards until you see the first field.

3. Leave the routine and create a new one. You should see all fields.

I'm not quite sure if you have the same problem I had. Anyway if you can reproduce it you should open a customer message. Maybe SAP supplies a note for this and others don't need to search SDN for a solution.

Best regards


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Thanks for the reply, next time I encounter this problem I shall try your suggestion.

It's funny but I went round to basis to try on an unrestricted account and it worked. Then I logged in on their machine to show them what was happening. But it worked on their machine. When I got back to my desk, it was working ?!

Thanks anyway.



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I logged off and logged back in and it worked fine. I am also not sure what happens to the system. Probably it sleeps for some time during day time

Thanks for this thread.


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Hi guys...

Surprisingly it works this way only. You just need to log off and log in again. I encountered this many times and it is a universal phenomenon I guess :-).