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editing templates

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I am trying to edit an invoice template such that it will pull through item pricing vs. contract pricing--any help would be much appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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We're going to need more information than that to answer your question.

What product are you using? Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence?

Also, what version?

Also, without knowing your data, this question is very difficult to answer. If there is a different field available from your data source for contract pricing vs item pricing then it's just a matter of replacing the field. If contract pricing is a calculated field then you may have to use a formula or variable to acheive this.

Please supply some more details on what you are using, what software are you using exactly and who created the report for you?


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I am still having trouble accomplishing the edit to the report template. Everything flows well except that I am unable to get the "item pricing" to pull through, it pulls in the total amount. We have several items (ie: quantity, item description, and then item price--the item price is replaced automatically with the total pricing. I'm sure its something simple but just don't know enough about Crystal Reports to set it up. Can somebody please help

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